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Founded in 2007, Wuxi Lianyou Plastic Industry Co., Ltd is pecialized in manufacturing High density polyethylene pipe and fittings for more than 15 years.


Our core products:

1) HDPE (High density polyethylene) pipe,

2) Steel wire mesh reinforced HDPE composite pipe,

3) Hole mesh HDPE composite pipe,

4) Skeleton HDPE composite pipe

5) HDPE fitting

Choosing prime quality 100% virgin raw material, equipped with advanced production lines, applying new technologies, building on its expertise in plastic pipe & fitting, now we’re recognized as a professional factory for HDPE pipe & piping fittings, applications are mainly for water supply, fire fighting, municipal construction, building water supply and drainage, power telecommunication, gas transmission, petrochemical, agricultural irrigation. We have our own trademark --Deyou.

Our goal is to provide the best pipeline solution for customers, and help customers to get better development & growth to achieve win-win situation. Whatever your requirements - large or small - Wuxi Lianyou is prepared to put its experience to work for you. Up to now, we have been involved in many major projects in domestic and overseas, and enjoy very good reputation. With such experience and strengths, we are confident to provide the best solutions for customer's needs based on competitive advantages.

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- 2007 -

The founder entered into pipeline industry, and became a salesman of pipeline.

- 2010 -

Three years' sales experience accumulated some funds and social business networking.

- 2014 -

Wuxi Lianyou Plastic Industry Co., Ltd was founded.

- 2016 -

Expanding production capacity, increase the types of products, from single product to a variety produts.

- 2017 -

Was involved in many national infrastructure constructions, such as China metro, China high-speed railway.

- 2018 -

Foreign department was founded, and began to develop overseas markets.

- 2019 -

Open up USA, Canada, Japan, and Peru international markets, and provide the infrastructure construction service for many countries.

- 2020 -

From original 8 countries to 15 countries, we're getter closer to international markets.

- 2021 -

Estimated to open up 80 countries, and let our pipes serve more countries & regions.

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The main application fields and advantages of PE tube are as follows:

HDPE(high density Polyethylene) pipes are currently supplied to China's municipal pipe market. Plastic pipes are developing steadily. PE pipes, PP-R pipes and uPVC pipes all occupy a place, among which the strong development momentum of PE pipes is the most remarkable. PE tubes are widely used. Among them, water supply pipe and gas pipe are the two largest application markets.

PE pipe for water supply is the replacement product of traditional steel pipe and polychlorine ethylene drinking water pipe.

1. Safe drinking water in rural areas and drinking water pipelines in urban and rural areas.

2. City water pipe network system, water company, waterworks.

3, chemical, chemical fiber, food, forestry, printing and dyeing, pharmacy, light industry, paper making, metallurgy and other industrial feed-liquid transportation pipelines.

4, post and telecommunications communication lines, power wire protection casing.

5, Trenchless pipe jacking, the most common is the crossing Trenchless engineering, and crossing the river, etc., PE pipe has good toughness, it is perfect to be a drag pipe.

6. Mine mortar conveying pipeline.

7. Agricultural irrigation pipelines.

8, municipal sewage discharge, generally large caliber, used to replace the traditional cement pipe

9, ground source heat pump, small caliber is the main, especially de32 caliber is the most commonly used, used as circulating water transmission pipeline

10. Siphon Drainage. Many large factories now involve siphon drainage system. PE pipe is used as drainage pipe, and its toughness and hardness are superior to PVC. Therefore, in siphon drainage project, PE pipe is the main pipe.

The application fields and advantages of steel wire mesh skeleton PE composite pipe are as follows:

Steel wire mesh framework polyethylene composite pipe is made of high-strength steel wire with left and right spiral winding network framework as reinforcement, high density polyethylene (HDPE) as matrix, and high performance HDPE modified bonding resin, A new type of tube with outer high density polyethylene tightly connected. Application Scope of steel wire mesh skeleton PE composite pipe

1. Municipal Engineering: urban water supply, heat network return water, gas and natural gas transmission pipelines.

2. Chemical Engineering: Process tubes and discharge tubes for transporting corrosive gases, liquids and solid powders in industries such as acid, alkali, salt manufacturing, petrochemical, chemical fertilizer, pharmacy, chemistry, rubber and plastics, etc.

3. Oil field and gas field: oily sewage, gas field sewage, oil and gas mixture, secondary and tertiary oil and gas gathering and transportation process pipes.

4. Thermal Power Engineering: process water, backwater transportation, dust removal, waste residue and other transportation pipelines.

5. Metallurgical mines: corrosive medium transportation in non-ferrous metal smelting and ore pulp and tailings process pipes.

6. Expressway: buried drainage pipe, cable pipeline

7. Marine Engineering: seawater transportation, submarine pipelines and optical (electric) cable ducts, etc.

8. Ship manufacturing: ship a sewage pipe, drain pipe, ballast pipe, ventilation pipe

The application fields and advantages of Mesh steel strip polyethylene composite pipe are as follows:

Mesh steel strip polyethylene composite pipe is a composite pipe with mesh welded by cold rolled steel strip as the reinforced skeleton and composite thermoplastic. Due to the introduction of reinforced skeleton, the compressive strength of the pipe is significantly improved, different kinds and brands of thermoplastic plastics can be used to produce composite pipes with different purposes.

Water supply mesh steel strip plastic composite pipe system adopts imported PE80 or PE100 grade materials, manufactured according to enterprise standards, with good weldability, environmental stress cracking resistance and rapid cracking resistance, its performance index exceeds the performance index of pure PE water supply pipe.

1. Long service life, under normal conditions, can reach 50 years.

2. It is sanitary and solves the problem of secondary pollution of drinking water.

3. The inner wall is smooth, the water flow resistance is small, and the head loss is 30% lower than that of the steel pipe.

4. Light weight and convenient handling.

5. Convenient construction, simple welding process and low comprehensive project cost. The color of the pipe is white, black or the color agreed upon by both parties.

The application fields and advantages of steel skeleton PE composite pipe are as follows:

Steel skeleton polyethylene composite pipe refers to a new type of composite pipe that crosses high-strength steel bars on the polyethylene core pipe and covers the outer layer with polyethylene case.

1. Good temperature resistance: when the temperature rise of the conveying medium is the same, the reduction of strength is more than twice as low as that of polyethylene pipe.

2. Good self-representation: After underground embedding, ordinary magnetic control testing equipment can be used to find and locate, so as to avoid damage caused by other engineering excavation;

3. Rigid and soft coexistence: this pipe has good rigidity and impact resistance, and is not afraid of collision during installation and use; It can be used as overhead pipe;

4. Small flow resistance: the roughness of the inner surface of the steel skeleton composite pipe is only 1/20 of that of the steel pipe, and there is no scaling or wax deposition, and the transportation capacity will not decline due to corrosion, scaling, etc, therefore, the steel skeleton composite pipe has high fluid transport capacity and remarkable energy saving effect;

The application fields and advantages of PE electrofusion pipe fittings and PE steel skeleton pipe fittings are as follows:

PE electromelting pipe fittings are plastic (polyethylene) pipe fittings that can be melted to connect through the temperature generated by current. Due to the price, PE hot melt pipe fittings are used more than PE hot melt pipe fittings in engineering applications, but electric melt pipe fittings play an important and irreplaceable role in engineering and maintenance, especially in the construction, fused pipe fittings are less affected by external environment and human factors, so they have better reliability and are more popular with users. Electric melting pipe fittings are increasingly used especially in gas pipe engineering.

1. Corrosion resistance: long service life;

2. No leakage at the joint: the connection of electric melting pipe fittings is adopted, which essentially ensures the identity of the interface material, structure and pipe body of PE pipe system, and realizes the integration of the joint and pipe;

3. Effective resistance to underground movement and end load: after PE pipeline system is connected by welding method, the joint based on this method is resistant to end load and no joint leakage will occur. At the same time, the stress relaxation characteristics of PE can effectively consume stress through deformation. Therefore, in most cases, expensive anchoring is not required at the joints and bends. On the other hand, based on its high toughness, the elongation at break generally exceeds 500%, and PE pipeline system has very strong adaptability to uneven settlement of pipe base.

The application fields and advantages of PE hot melt pipe fittings and PE gas pipe fittings are as follows:

The production method of PE hot melt pipe fittings is one-time injection molding by injection molding machine. The main raw material is high density polyethylene (HDPE), and the connection modes are: Hot melt butt joint and hot melt socket;

1. More convenient connection

2. Cheaper than fused pipe fittings

3. Only PE pipe fittings

The application fields and advantages of steel-plastic pipe fittings are as follows:

1. GI-lined (coated) plastic steel pipes can effectively give full play to the mechanical strength of metals and the corrosion resistance advantages of plastics. Then the composite pipe and plastic cannot be permanently combined. This is mainly because the coefficient of thermal expansion of plastic is nearly ten times larger than that of metal. During the process of repeated and continuous thermal expansion and cold contraction, there will be peeling and separation gradually. The plastic pipe stretches out and protrudes from the section in summer, in winter, retracting and exposing the inner wall of metal orifice causes the orifice and pipe fittings to be more easily corroded.

2. Stainless steel-plastic composite pipe also has the phenomenon of leakage of pipe fittings caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction. At the same time, thermal expansion and cold contraction cause the separation of SS pipe and the inner plastic pipe to generate a gap, and liquid enters the gap through the pipe joint, causing corrosion of stainless steel gap, affecting the service life of the pipe.

3. Plastic-coated composite steel pipe is used in urban water delivery, residential and industrial water supply projects, and widely reacted by application units and residents. This kind of plastic coating on the inner wall of water pipe has strong adhesion, high compactness and good corrosion resistance, under the external force, the coating does not soften, peel off, fall off, break and other phenomena, and the coating is non-toxic and pollution-free, and is not easy to accumulate scale. It is an imaginary water delivery pipe. Corrosion-resistant, pollution-free, not easy to scale, greatly improving the quality of drinking water, reducing the waste of water resources, which is conducive to environmental maintenance and the improvement of national living standards. At the same time, this kind of pipe has good corrosion resistance, the service life is three times that of ordinary GI pipe.