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Cow ranch construction in the United States

Wuxi Lianyou Plastic Industry Co., LTD. Has been providing Steel Mesh HDPE Pipe for dairy cattle pasture in The United States since 2018.Due to the high daily water consumption of dairy farms, the water requirements for dairy cows are 80~100 l/head/day, 40~60 l/head/day for dry and reserve cows, 20~30 l/head/day for calves, and 20~40 l/person/day for staff.With water for washing and cleaning, each cow uses about 150 litres of water per day.All in dairy (neighborhood) location, should choose water abundant water, good water quality, no pollution, easy to use, and our Steel Mesh HDPE Pipe is in the water supply has played a very big role, pasture often choose DN125 and DN140 two specifications, so far, we participate in a year, there are seven of the construction of the ranch,Technology is very mature, welcome ranchers to visit our factory and buy our goods.

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