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PE-RT tube, namely heat resistant Polyethylene (PERT) tube, is made of MDPE and octene copolymerization, the English abbreviation “Polyethylene of raised temperature resistance pipe”, is a kind of non-crosslinked Polyethylene tube that can be used for hot water.Others have highlighted its non-crosslinked characteristics, called it “high temperature resistant non-crosslinked polyethylene pipe.”

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The basic concept

It is a kind of medium density polyethylene produced by special molecular design and synthesis process, it uses ethylene and octene copolymerization method, through the control of the number and distribution of side chain to get a unique molecular structure, to improve the heat resistance of PE tube, PE tube heat resistance of the highest temperature of 60℃.Due to the existence of octene short branches, PE macromolecules can not be crystallized in a sheet crystal, but through several crystals, forming a connection between the crystals, it retains the good flexibility, high thermal conductivity and inertia of PE tube, and make it better pressure resistance, can be used for a long time below 60℃ hot water transportation.It retains the good flexibility of PE, inertia, and low temperature resistance (-40℃), impact resistance, pressure resistance is better, non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, green environmental protection, can be recycled.PE-RT tube can be hot melt connection, easy installation and maintenance.

This modification method is similar to the common PPR tubes on the market today.PE-RT pipes can be used for all service grades of hot water pipes specified in ISO10508!

Pipe material characteristics

1. Light weight, easy to transport, installation and construction.

2. It has good flexibility, which makes the laying convenient and economic. The produced pipe can reduce the usage of pipe fittings and reduce the construction cost by coiling and bending.

3. When the pipe is bent, the stress in the bent part can be relaxed quickly, and there will be no "rebound" phenomenon, which is convenient for construction operation.

4. The friction loss in the pipe is small. The fluid conveying capacity of this kind of pipe is 30% greater than that of the metal pipe of the same diameter.

5. Low temperature of brittle crack.The superior low temperature resistance of the pipe enables construction in cold winter conditions, and the pipe does not need to be preheated when bending.

6. Good chemical corrosion resistance, no rust, long service life.

7. Good environmental adaptability.

8. Under the working temperature of 70 ℃ and pressure of 0.4MPa, it can be safely used for more than 50 years.

9. No toxic additives are added to the pipe during the production process.Smooth inner wall, no fouling, no bacteria breeding, can be safely used in drinking water transportation and other fields.

10. Impact resistance is 5 times that of PVC-U pipe.

11. Good heat and pressure resistance.

12. Can be hot melt connection and mechanical connection, reliable, no leakage.PE-X can only be connected mechanically.

13. Green environmental protection products, can be recycled.

14. Good high temperature resistance, can be used for 50 years under appropriate pressure conditions;

15. Good frost resistance and excellent impact resistance, suitable for winter construction;

16. Good chemical corrosion resistance, long service life;

17 non-toxic, tasteless, good health performance;

18. Light weight, good flexibility, can be coil supply;

19. Hot melt materials can be recycled, with environmental benefits;

Warm tube

1) The temperature and pressure resistance of the second generation of PE-RT pipe is obviously better than that of the first pipe, so as to ensure a long service life.

2), good flexibility, easy to bend, is conducive to the construction of heating.

3) Because of the particularity of PE-RT second-generation pipe raw materials, the heating is connected more safely and repaired more quickly.

4) Excellent environmental performance.

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